Zéro Gaspillage: Preparing Dignified, Healthy and Tasty Frozen Meals

Zéro Gaspillage is a food transformation project started by the CIGAL table, operated by the Carrefour Solidaire CFC. In a certified kitchen, our team transforms food that would otherwise be destined for compost into healthy, tasty and dignified meals. The meals are then distributed by several organizations and institutions in the neighbourhood. You can also find our new Zéro Gaspillage product line at Marché Solidaire Frontenac!

Why Zéro Gaspillage?

This program has two components:

  • A transformation and recovery component aiming to transform unsold food or food otherwise destined for compost, from Moisson Montreal and a network of local merchants, including our own Marché solidaire Frontenac.
  • An educational awareness and learning component where groups of participants engage in kitchen transformation and learn about food waste issues.

Any profit generated from the sale of Zéro Gaspillage products at the Marché Solidaire Frontenac is reinvested in Carrefour Solidaire programs.

Decoupling Food Waste from Food Security

It is important for us to emphasize that reducing food waste is neither a responsibility of community organizations nor a solution to food insecurity. Let us remember that food insecurity in Quebec is not an issue of lack of food, but of lack of economic access to healthy food for people in vulnerable situations. The problem of food waste, on the other hand, should rest on the shoulders of the actors in the industrial food system, who take little responsibility for this problem. We strongly believe that all people, including those in vulnerable situations, deserve high quality food and dignified meals. This is, for us, part of the right to food.

Our Committee for Action and Reflection on Food Autonomy (CARAA) has written a brief in the context of a public consultation on food waste to explain the dangers of this association between food waste and food insecurity. We encourage you to read the brief for more info on this topic!

Zéro Gaspillage is a proud program of the collective impact project of Notre Quartier Nourricier. For questions, contact Gordana at 514-525-6611 or gordana@carrefoursolidaire.org.