Get Involved in Urban Agriculture at the Carrefour!

What’s Happening Right Now in the Gardens

I Want to Register for the Collective Gardens!

Register to participate in the collective gardens. We share the tasks as well as the harvest. Make sure you also register as a member of Carrefour alimentaire.

Discover our Winter Street Greenhouses!

An overview of the winter installations on Dufresne Street, a pilot project in collaboration with the Laboratoire de l’agriculture urbaine and the Ville-Marie borough.

Our Urban Ag Educational Services

Contact us to organize gardening and urban agriculture discovery activities or workshops in your daycare, school, center or institution.

Discover the Promenade des Saveurs

A look at Dufresne Street, the largest “edible” pedestrian street in Canada!

A History of Urban Agriculture at the Carrefour

Learn more about the past and present of the Carrefour’s urban agriculture projects.

Proud Founding Member of Notre Quartier Nourricier

Alongside our community partners, we aim to have a collective impact on residents’s access to food in the Centre-Sud of the South Central neighbourhood. You will find the products of the Émilie-de-Witt Greenhouse for sale at our Marché solidaire Frontenac, and we organize an annual sale of seedlings from the Greenhouse.

Learn more about this Collective Impact Project on the NQN website!