Becoming a Member of the Carrefour means:

  • Having the power to vote at our Annual General Meeting;
  • Contributing to the participatory model of the Marché solidaire Frontenac by volunteering (and getting a discount!);
  • Making your voice heard on one of our citizen committees;
  • Participating in a cooking or gardening workshop;
  • Meeting your neighbors around a delicious meal or sharing the gardens’ harvest together ;
  • An opportunity to support the Carrefour;
  • Being part of a community that is committed to food autonomy and the health of the Centre-Sud neighbourhood.

How Does it Work?

Membership is completely free and remains valid for the current fiscal year. All members are invited to renew their membership at the beginning of the new fiscal year (April 1 of each year). Depending on your situation, your membership may give you access to a discount at Marché solidaire Frontenac.

New memberships as well as renewals are done via the same form:

Need help filling out the form? Call us at 514 525 6611. We’ll be happy to fill it out with you over the phone.