Our Team

To contact our Executive Co-Director team, please contact direction@carrefoursolidaire.org.
Your message will be sent to all 3 Co-Directors at once!

Executive Co-Director
Sylvie Chamberland (she/her)    sylvie@carrefoursolidaire.org

Sylvie strongly believes in the power of collective projects and it is with great interest that she jumped into the mobilization and engagement of citizens at the Carrefour, thus combining her training in environment and social work. Working for the Carrefour gives her the opportunity to pursue her passion for urban agriculture and to have direct contact with the people who live in the community.

Contact Sylvie for information about: Mobilization + engagement, Récoltes solidaires, the CARAA, urban agriculture, Serres de rue (street greenhouses), and any other subject.

Executive Co-Director
Vanessa Girard Tremblay (she/her)    vanessa@carrefoursolidaire.org

Passionate about the right to food and the world of food security, Vanessa loves to develop projects so that everyone can have access to quality food, including plenty of fruits and vegetables. The mission and values of the Carrefour speak to her enormously and it is with great motivation that she joined the team in June 2020.

Contact Vanessa for information about: Administration at the Carrefour, the work at 2375 Ste Catherine East, the Marché solidaire Frontenac, the Mutuelle des marchés solidaires, and any other subject.

Executive Co-Director
Beccah Frasier (she/her)    beccah@carrefoursolidaire.org

Beccah loves to bake, ride her bike, and find solutions to problems. With a passion for learning in all its forms, she brings her experience in program and team management to the Carrefour, where she puts her tech and people skills to work to support the team and ensure everyone knows how to use their computers.

Contact Beccah for information about: Human resources, data and tech, pedagogy and food education, kitchen programs, and any other topic.

Peer Helpers
Claude (he/him), Luz (elle/la) and Sylvain (il/le)

Peer Helpers support neighbourhood residents who are in vulnerable and/or socially isolated situations. In addition to providing referral services, an accompaniment service is offered for residents who would like support in discovering a new service or activity.

Contact Lizzie to reach the Peer Helpers: lizzie@carrefoursolidaire.org

Community Chef
Gordana Zafirovic (she/her)    gordana@carrefoursolidaire.org

Gordana manages the kitchen to produce over 400 servings of delicious and nutritious meals each week which are then distributed to the food bank and various organizations in the neighbourhood. Her passion for cooking and excellent organizational skills make the production kitchen at the Carrefour shine!

Contact Gordana for information about: Kitchen production, community meals, Zéro gaspillage.

Coordinator of the Marché Solidaire Frontenac
Kim Cinq Mars (she/her)    kim@carrefoursolidaire.org

Kim draws from her experience working on farms to coordinate the Marché solidaire Frontenac and our new grocery store with humour and efficiency!

Contact Kim for information about: The Marché solidaire Frontenac, food sourcing, Trois paniers grocery store.

Urban Agriculture Coordinator
Emilie Klein (she/her)    emilie@carrefoursolidaire.org

Emilie draws on her love of plants to coordinate the gardens and urban agriculture activities at the Carrefour!

Contact Emilie for information about: Collective gardens, Dufresne Street, Promenade des Saveurs, urban agriculture activities, Serres de rue (street greenhouses).

Marie-Soleil Coupal
Coordinator of communications and development
Marie-Soleil Coupal (she/her)    mariesoleil@carrefoursolidaire.org

Coming soon!

Contact Marie-Soleil for information about: Communications, visits, donations, fundraising and financing!

Coordinator of Carte Proximité
Samuel Gény (he/him)    samuel@carrefoursolidaire.org

Coming soon!

Contact Grace for information about: Carte Proximité, Hôpital Solidaire.

Community and Collective Kitchens Coordinator
Laurie Tenhave (she/her)    laurie@carrefoursolidaire.org

Coming soon!

Contact Laurie for information on : Collective kitchens, Bols du quartier, Picnics, Cultural cooking workshops, Community kitchens, Tous à Table.

Youth Programs Coordinator
Michelle (she/her)    michelle@carrefoursolidaire.org

Michelle coordinates the Carrefour’s youth programs, including Boîte à Lunch, an interactive after-school program that helps young people develop a healthy relationship with food through learning cooking techniques and developing nutritional knowledge .

Contact Michelle for information about: Boîte à Lunch Centre-Sud, school salad bars, day camp activities, cooking and nutrition workshops for youth.

Mobilisation and Engagement Coordinator
Lizzie Slattery (she/her)    lizzie@carrefoursolidaire.org

Lizzie brings the Carrefour to the community, coordinating our citizen committees and supporting members in mobilizing and taking action on social issues related to food.

Contact Lizzie for information about : Mobilization, engagement, citizen committees, Peer-Helpers, Récoltes solidaires.

Edible Education Facilitators
Artiom (he/him), Carolyne (she/her), Chloé (she/her), Corinne (she/her), Hanna (she/her), Stavroula (she/her)

Whether in the garden or in the kitchen, the Carrefour’s wonderful facilitators ensure your well-being and accompany you to discover new tastes, knowledge, and skills.

Contact Emilie (gardens) and Michelle (kitchen) to reach the facilitators: emilie@carrefoursolidaire.org or michelle@carrefoursolidaire.org

Co-managers of Marché Frontenac and Épicerie 3 paniers
Béatrice (she/her), Charlotte (she/her), Marily (she/her), Stavroula (she/her), Vicky (she/her)

At the grocery store and the Market, our team of co-managers will take care of you and invite you to discover all the beautiful products available to you.

Contact Kim to reach the co-managers: kim@carrefoursolidaire.org