Our Board of Directors

Florence Bouchard Santerre (she/her) Elected in 2020

Florence Bouchard Santerre is passionate about agriculture and food issues, but also about numbers. Director of Economic Research at Les Producteurs de Lait du Québec, she is lucky to be able to combine both in her professional life. For her, food security means access for all to healthy local foods, cooked with pleasure and a sense of discovery. Florence has gotten involved at Carrefour Solidaire because she found a team and members who are motivated by these same values, as well as being full of curiosity and a love of tasty food!

Michaela Leuprecht (she/her) Elected in 2021

An art historian by training, Michaela lived in many different countries before moving to Montreal with her family in 1997. All her adult life, she was involved in community organizations, in the hope of contributing to a more humane society. She is delighted to lend a hand at the Carrefour Solidaire because it allows her to combine her interest in social connections with her love of good food and gardening.

Gabriel Salathé-Beaulieu (he/him) Elected in 2020

Originally from Baie-Comeau, Gabriel studied economics and public administration in Quebec City, London, Ottawa and Paris. Since 2016, he has been working in Montreal, in the Centre-Sud neighborhood, mainly for the organization Territoires Innovants en Économie Sociale et Solidaire (TIESS) in addition to holding certain mandates related to his expertise: social impact measurement, evaluation and social economy research. Outside of work, you might spot him under headphones or out for a run, or potentially both at the same time.

Laurence Therrien (she/her) Elected in 2021

Laurence has worked for several years in the agrifood sector as Communications and Public Relations Manager. She has chosen to get involved in the Carrefour Solidaire because, as a resident of the Centre-Sud neighborhood, she feels the importance of bringing together residents around healthy, local food to learn and to support their collective health.

Administrator and Employee
Elizabeth Slattery (she/her)    lizzie@carrefoursolidaire.org Elected in 2022

Lizzie is the Engagement and Mobilization Coordinator at the Carrefour solidaire CCA. She promotes the Carrefour in the community, coordinates our citizen committees and supports members in mobilizing and taking action on social issues related to food.

Paul Hanson (he/him) Elected in 2020

Born into a family of farmers and agronomists and having called Centre-Sud home for several years, Paul is originally from Saskatchewan. A member of the Carrefour Solidaire since his arrival in the Centre-Sud neighborhood, his interest in food stems in particular from all the time spent on farms. Paul is a professor in the English department at Champlain College.

Maude St-Georges (she/her) Elected in 2020

Maude is a lawyer, specializing in the field of health law. She is passionate about everything related to food. Creative, dynamic and solution-oriented, she chose to get involved with the Carrefour Solidaire because she firmly believes in the positive impacts, both individual and collective, that food autonomy and access to fresh and local food bring.

Félix Lalonde (he/him) Élu en 2021

A native of Montreal, Félix has a degree in sociology and now works at the Direction régionale de la santé publique de Montréal. With a strong interest in the fight against social injustice, he has worked in the community to facilitate access to a healthy and varied diet. He wishes to continue his involvement as an administrator in order to contribute to the improvement of the overall well-being of the residents of Centre-Sud. He is a food lover and is always looking to discover new flavours and to share them.

Maëlle LeBras (she/her) Elected in 2022

An experienced manager with a strategic mind, Maëlle works daily to create and develop unique projects that promote the socio-ecological transition through her creativity and her taste for collaboration. Her 15 years of experience in the field of marketing and communications, both in agencies and organizations, and currently on her own, make her an essential partner in building and sustaining projects that create value. As a local resident, it was only natural for her to get involved with the Carrefour a year ago to participate locally in a fairer and more sustainable system.

Interested in Getting Involved as a Board Member?

You first need to be a member of the Carrefour Solidaire. If you would like to get involved in the governance of the organisation by joining the board of directors, you just have to submit your candidacy to the board elections in May of any given year. The election of board members takes place at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Keep an eye out for our next call for candidates.

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What is an Annual General Meeting?

The AGM is the moment when an organizations member elect their board of directors. It’s also an occasion for us to present an annual activity report to our members. In this report, we share our successes and challenges for the year. Members have the chance to ask questions about the organization’s financial reports, which are presented by an auditor. All in all, it’s a great chance to get to know the organization better!

What does a Board of Directors do?

As a non-profit organization, the Carrefour is supervised by a board of directors which is made up of volunteer members. The Board has legal responsibility for governance, contributes to the long-term vision of the organization, and makes sure that organization’s activities align with our mission. The Carrefour is fortunate to have a very active Board of Directors who work in collaboration with the employees on various issues through the following committees:

  • Human resources
  • Strategic planning
  • Funding

Requirements to Join the Board

Sitting on a board of directors is both a rewarding and demanding responsibility. It requires being over 18 years old and being ready to commit to a two-year term. Meetings of the Board of Directors are held once a month, with a summer break in July and August.