About Us

Our Mission

Created in 2013, the Carrefour alimentaire Centre-Sud (CACS) brings together two complimentary and pre-existing legal entities: Marché Frontenac and Rencontres-Cuisines. In 2022, CACS changed names, becoming Carrefour Solidaire Community Food Centre (CFC). Second CFC in Quebec, Carrefour Solidaire CFC strives to promote the food autonomy of the residents of the Centre-Sud neighbourhood, centering our work around shared values of social inclusion, well-being, popular education, healthy eating, and the power to act. With more than 1300 active members, the Carrefour’s vision is to build a nourishing Centre-Sud neighbourhood where all community members have access to local, ecological food in solidarity with each other.

Our Three Axes

  • Improving access to fresh and local food;
  • Developing the skills and autonomy of community members both in the kitchen and in the garden; and
  • Mobilizing our community around social, environmental and political food issues. 

Our Partnership with Community Food Centres Canada

Carrefour Solidaire Community Food Centre is a partner site of Community Food Centres Canada, a national nonprofit working to address the root causes of food insecurity. Carrefour Solidaire CFC is part of a movement of organizations across the country building health, belonging, and social justice through food.

What is a Community Food Centre?

A Community Food Centre is a welcoming space where people come together to grow, cook, share, and advocate. Community members access food that’s fresh, nourishing, affordable, and culturally appropriate. 

Food is what draws someone in, but at a Centre they find so much more. Community members learn cooking and gardening skills, and kids get their hands dirty in ways that expand their taste buds and food know-how. At a Community Food Centre, people take collective action on the issues that affect their lives and develop nourishing, lasting connections.

For more information on our activities : Read our annual report or visit our Activities and Services page